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UMP and Rihno- Great job,

All in all an epic adventure; time management and generally more professionality could be improved

Johny Antony and Guy from management – Good job
Kamil – Better Than during WS

Was super amazing!

Overall amazing. Keep going! Loved the event

Thanks again for making this happen

It’s difficult to do nightgame, conferences, daygame. It’s difficult to choose.

It’s very important to meet bro

Very nice event with lot of value, 8/10 would do it again.

It was a really good event overall, so it was worth coming. Thanks for doing this

Great city, Great event, found guys that not only are good at game but took it to another level with other aspects of live sometimes bc of the event

Had an amazing week and my first cold approach lay! Thank you Mateusz!

I really liked the content of UMP who shared with us a lot of things. I was dissapointed with Gabriel who was mostly selling his product without giving much value.

It was an amazing event. Getting to know so many People. Having a fun time. Thank you Mateusz for making this happen 🙂

I think the overall organization could be improved. From the first guy and Jmulv intervention, many coaches who were supposed to come and didn’t (viking lifestyle for example, maybe it was announced but I didn’t recall), David who was not here for his speech.

event was awesome

Moving to Warsaw was a really good decision. As much as I love to meet like-minded people, we still rampaged the city, especially at night, and it becomes hard to game when you’re a beginner or low-intermediate. Bigger city is much needed.

Next time make an announcement about avoiding strip clubs, some brothers got drugged and scammed…

Looking forward to next year!!!”

Great event

It will be going to be a lot better if more then 30 get mini-boot-camps, the summit is 7 days and i hope next year the number will be more 😉

Great event! Great organization.
Hope to meet you again next year!

Really great event, great energy and many great speakers. Especially a lot of value from the humble UMP guys.

I loved the Sopot Summit, it was well worth the experience and long distance traveling. I made connections with some awesome guys all over the world and the experience was worth its weight in gold.  Much thanks for the Tinder photo shoot and ability to learn from the best guys in the game.  Can’t wait for the next Summit!

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into helping guys have more fulfilled lives. I was very satisfied with the event.

Just keep organizing this event every year and try to improve by addressing feedbacks

3 things you find the most valuable about the event?

Meet a lot of nice people
Alexandre talk was amazing
Got Motivation and a lot of action taking, results were amazing

Different approaches presented,
Good management

Good coaches,
motivational boost,

Centrally located.
Great speakers and group of men.
Excellent nightlife.

Amazing value in terms of infield breakdown & understanding of game/masculinity from instructors (especially UMP, SPU & SQL) – different styles of game but similar underlying principles, really helps to see things from different perspectives.
Like minded people at different levels from beginner to advanced, willing to wing and exchange value/feedback.
Great city for game.

Meeting people with the same interests. Motivation to go out. To see so many world class PUAs on the streets picking up chicks, I find it mind blowing.

Networking with people, seeing the coaches infield, the content (especially UMP)

I think the best is to keep the Summit in central Europe, it’s cheap, accessible and have a lot of hot girls

Good organisation
Good speakers (really elite)

lite level speakers 2. SQL Panel 3. Well organised – everything quite on time, good location and condoms 🙂

Networking, practical speeches, watching coaches in field

Different topics of the speakers. Good value of the speakers. Perfectly time schedule.

Meeting amazing people (including the coaches), ump speeches were literally the best, creating a good momentum to attack a new year of gaming

meeting all the players, everything was very well organised, whatsapp group is nice

Best coaches in the world. Big family spirit. Inviting SQL was the best decision ever.

Lots of quality speakers.
Very well organized.

Networking, awesome speeches, expertises

Like-minded people, high value speeches, gain knowledge, bootcamps

Meeting dudes. Central location. Warsaw is cheap.

The Networking, Very Organized, Great Atmosphere

People sharing the same goals, networking, value exchange

The insane amount of value delivered by the best coaches in the world! I hope to see them again next year.. except JMULV for obvious reasons.

Photoshoots: I think the photographers did an excellent job and they were very helpful and patient with us.

Location: So far Warsaw was the best city in Europe for game I’ve ever been to. Really hope next year we will gather in Warsaw again!

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